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The Greenhaven Adult Coed Soccer League (GACSL) shall be for the purpose of organizing recreational soccer matches for the teams complying with the eligibility and participation requirements set forth.  The league is composed of men and women primarily from the Greenhaven/Pocket area who join together to play soccer in a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere.  It is the responsibility of each player to see that this atmosphere is maintained.



  1. No decision will be made which in any way affects the league, except by a committee composed of the team managers or a team representative and the league coordinator.  Three-quarters of the league members must be present to constitute a quorum.
  2. League bylaws, rules and policies may only be changed by a vote of at least two-thirds of those present.



President - Responsible for league bank account, organizing team manager meetings, obtaining field permits, organizing disciplinary committee, preparing game schedule, keeping league rules and policies updated and league mailings.


Registrar - Responsible for team registration and player passes.


Equipment Manager - Responsible for storing and maintaining the nets, corner flags, and game balls.


Disciplinary Committee - Responsible for listening to and voting on infractions of players and teams for incidents where a player or team may be ejected for the remainder of the season.  The disciplinary committee will be made up of three team managers not associated with the infraction and the league coordinator.  The three team managers will vote by a majority vote on what action should be taken if necessary.  The team managers may be present at the meeting to give their version of the incident.

Referee Coordinator - Responsible for scheduling referees for all games.   The Referee Coordinator shall ensure all referees assigned to the league sign a copy of the League’s rules and regulations prior to being assigned to a game.  The Referee Coordinator will refer players or teams to the Disciplinary Committee that he/she feels has committed an offense that rises to the level of ejection for the remainder of the season.  The referral shall be done via an email to the President documenting rationale for ejection for the remainder of the season.

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