Board of Directors


Alexis Gonzalez

Responsible for organizing team manager meetings, maintaining regular contact leading up to and during the season with team managers; positively representing the league for community outreach a partnership opportunities

Communication Lead

Jason Lueng

Responsible for updating social media accounts on a weekly basis during the season, coordinating outreach to Team Managers as well as

Disciplinary Committee Chair 

Mike O'Brien

Responsible for organizing disciplinary committee as well as working with Referee Coordinator to establish a contract on a yearly basis.



Mike Perez

Responsible for league bank account, obtaining field permits

Equipment Manager

Position not currently filled

Responsible for storing and maintaining the nets and corner flags


Todd Fulton

Responsible for team registration and player passes.  The registrar shall also be responsible for setting the league schedule.

Referee Coordinator

Mike Koshell

Responsible for scheduling referees for all games.   The Referee Coordinator shall ensure all referees assigned to the league sign a copy of the League’s rules and regulations prior to being assigned to a game.