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Board of Directors

Michael Perez


Responsible for league bank account, organizing team manager meetings, and obtaining field permits.

Jason Lueng


Responsible for preparing game schedules, keeping league rules and policies updated and league mailings. Also in charge of organizing the disciplinary committee.

Todd Fulton


Responsible for team registration and player passes.

Rob Meyer

Equipment Manager

Responsible for storing and maintaining the nets, corner flags, and game balls.

Mike Koshell

Referee Coordinator

Responsible for scheduling referees for all games.   The Referee Coordinator shall ensure all referees assigned to the league sign a copy of the League’s rules and regulations prior to being assigned to a game. The Referee Coordinator will refer players or teams to the Disciplinary Committee that he/she feels has committed an offense that rises to the level of ejection for the remainder of the season.  The referral shall be done via an email to the President documenting the rationale for ejection for the remainder of the season.